By whatever name you call them, Native Flutes, Native American Flutes, Native American Love Flutes, Native American Style Flutes, Native American Style Love Flutes, Indian Flutes, Indian Love Flutes, American Indian Flutes, or Native American Courting Flutes, they all have that sweet haunting sound that appeals to most human beings. To listen to these flutes is a soothing peaceful therapy, but to play one is a dose of powerful medicine for both mind and spirit. It is a tranquilizer for a troubled soul. Come in from a bad day at work, pick up a Native flute and play for 15 minutes. A peace will come over you and your whole countenance. Your mental outlook will improve. Once you experience this you'll need a daily dose of it. 

Purchasing our flutes/blanks is as easy as clicking your mouse. We can now take payments through PayPal. If you want to purchase with PayPal just give us call or an email and we'll help you with the process.

While an experienced musician will enjoy these flutes, they do not really require a musical background or training to enjoy and relax while playing one. These are not pianos with 88 keys and foot pedals. Anyone can pick up a flute and play one. The melodies come easily and naturally after a few moments. This is part of the relaxing magic of these wonderful instruments.

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A word about wood: Every piece of wood is as unique as a finger print. Overall color and texture will remain the same but the blanks represented here may not be exactly what you see when your blanks arrive. Each blank is hand selected to the highest standard to be representative of the wood that you select.